Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trails

The road to Winnfield, Louisiana from my house is now almost all the way a 4 lane highway.

But, I am warning you if you see this sign,

you need to reduce your speed to 35 mph because you are in Dry Prong, Louisiana and it is the one stretch of US 167 between Alexandria and Winnfield that is two lane and there is an old cop there who has given speeding tickets to generations of travelers who were in too much of a hurry in his town!

The plague and title winner of the Best of the Best this year was Reg Skains.

As usual, there were plenty of vendors with collars and leads for sale and all things that hog hunters need.

There were lots of good looking dogs, such as below, NALC reg. C Arrow Patch, owned by yours truely.

And here is his grandson, Luke Skywalker

And ohh, did we eat!

Above I am stuffing my face with the catfish basket you see below,

and for breakfast, in the heated comfort of my truck, my daughter had bacon, eggs, and pancakes, with the proceeds going to benefit the High School Band in Winnfield.

and of course, Babette Dartez Romero was being a Wienie dog jockey in Abbeville on Saturday,

so her and a cowgirl friend came out from Avery Island on Sunday, and everyone was all smiles, until I made her cry. (I think she never got over me breaking up with her in the 7th grade, and boy was I stupid! Isn't she beautiful?)

That's my daughter Christina above who claims she will never miss an Uncle Earl's.

She was still in toddler mode when I first came to the Uncle Earl's in 1996.

This is #15 for her.

That is her Bobalou she is holding above, who grew up to be my all time greatest swamp tour guide dog, as seen below.

His childen and grandchildren are now carrying on the family tradition as seen below.

That is Jesse a son of Bob, on a Louisiana swamp tour, and below Jesse is teaching his son Gus how to control a wild boar in a bay pen.

This is My Wild Louisiana, welcome to it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Is An Adventure, Are You Living It?

If you are wondering why this post is so short,

simple: I don't have time to sit around the keyboard and type!

Life is an adventure, are you living it?

It is spring time in Louisiana!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Camo Limo

Last year about this time, I was walking out of my favorite restaurant in downtown Lafayette, and made the most delightful discovery.

My first take was; did I drink too much hot saki?
...And someone called a tipsy taxi for me?


I had stumbled upon the Camo Limo!

My first thought was picking up out of state hunters and fisherman at the airport, on their way to the camp in Venice.

...and what about de la Houssaye's Swamp tours!

Not to mention, My Wild Louisiana!

I couldn't resist getting Clifford,the chauffeur,
to take my photo next to the coolest luxury ride I have ever seen.


If you need a limousine in south Louisiana, I highly recommend my newest addition to the broad range of services we offer in The Louisiana Experience travel packages.

You can call me at 337 298 2630 to book swamp tours,
or custom bird-watching/photo safaris,

when in season, bird and big game hunting,

marshland and bluewater fishing trips,

all with or without transportation and accommodations.

The Camo Limo has inspired a new form of transportation service options and there is even talk of getting a fleet of camouflaged limos soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cotton Mouth Water Moccasin

How is this for a morning wakeup call?

My wild Louisiana is warming up and getting wilder by the day.

Here was what was on the driveway at my house today.

Funny thing is, at Lake Martin where I do my swamp tours,

there are so many alligators, they eat all the snakes!

So after 20 years at Lake Martin,

I have never seen a poisonous snake on a swamp tour.