Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swamp People In The Rain

As much needed rains fell and soaked the earth for the last couple of weeks, the most amazing part was not one reservation was cancelled because of rain.

Everyone was grateful for the relief in temperatures, and commented on the rain forest conditions.

I went to Grande Avoille Cove this past week with an old friend I met there 20 years ago. Wolfgang Hasenstein

Before getting to Grand Avoille Cove,

we stopped at Lake Martin for a sunrise photo shoot and to greet the momma gator.

Immediately upon entering the cove, I was struck by the "newness" of everything.

The pulse of the tide could be felt beneath the hull, and the imminsity of nature overwhelmed us.

Also accompanying us was my daughter who was concieved on the houseboat in Grand Avoille Cove almost 19 years ago.

Of course, if she has learned anything in her 18 years of life: "You have not lived until you have been embarrassed by your parents".