Saturday, September 1, 2012

I,ve Fallen!

Old Father Hebert, the local parish preist, got tired of hearing people in the confessional always confessing to having commited adultery. One Sunday, during his sermon , he announced, " If I hear one more person confess dat dey commited adultery, Im gonna quit!"

Well, all of the parishioners really liked the old preist and didn't want to be the cause of him quiting, so they all got together and came up with the code word " fallen ", to be used by anyone needing to confess to adultery. This seemed to satisfy old Father Hebert, and he continued being their pastor for a couple more years , until he passed away.

The new priest that replaced him, Father Boudreaux, was a little puzzled, after his first couple of weeks, with all the people coming into the confessional saying that they had " fallen ", so he went to see Mayor Thibodeaux. He told the mayor, " You really got to do something about them sidewalks in this town. People are always coming into confessional telling me that they have " fallen."

Mayor Thibodeaux, popped out laughing, realizing that no one had told the new preist about the code word. Before the Mayor had a chance to explain it to him, Father Boudreaux, shaking his finger at him, " Mais, I don't know why you laughing, your wife told me she done fell three times last week.